Dayton Hamvention Cancels 2021 Show


ARRL 01/17/2020

“Unfortunately, several setbacks in the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic make necessary the difficult decision to cancel Hamvention 2021,” a January 11 announcement from the Hamvention Executive Committee said.  Sponsored by the Dayton Amateur Radio Association (DARA), Hamvention was set to take place May 21 – 23 in Xenia, Ohio.

“Hundreds of volunteers have been working to do everything necessary to bring this Hamvention to the many amateur radio enthusiasts and vendors who support the Dayton Hamvention. Vaccine distribution both in the United States and around the world is lagging behind what was planned. In addition, the emergence of a more communicable form of the COVID-19 virus increases the potential for further public health problems in the next few months. We make this difficult decision for the safety of our guests and vendors. Those who had their tickets deferred last year will be deferred again.”

The committee said the show would return in 2022 and hinted at a QSO party for Hamvention weekend. In November, Hamvention had announced that “The Gathering” would be the theme for the 2021 show.

Hamvention is the largest annual amateur radio gathering in the US and was host of the ARRL National Convention in 2019. The ARRL Hamfest and Convention Calendar includes a searchable database that includes other canceled in-person events.

ARRL 01/17/2020





Oregon ARRL VEC Testing Group Offers Testing from the Comfort of Your Car

オレゴンARRL VECテストグループは、あなたの車の快適さからテストを提供しています

ARRL 12/17/2020

The coronavirus pandemic has made life difficult for everyone. On the plus side, however, it’s prompted creative solutions to work around the various roadblocks the pandemic has imposed. Volunteer Examiners in Grant County, Oregon, affiliated with the ARRL Volunteer Examiner Coordinator (VEC) put their heads together to overcome the adversity and hold a safe and secure exam session. Current health regulations in Oregon precluded both indoor and outdoor gatherings. Nonetheless, the Grant County Amateur Radio Club, the local ARES Group, and the Grant County Emergency Radio Infrastructure Coalition (ERIC) combined forces to offer five candidates the chance to obtain their first license or to upgrade their existing license, all from the comfort of their vehicles.


“Many amateur radio clubs have experimented with exams via the internet,” said Steve Fletcher, K7AA, who is the ARES Emergency Coordinator for Grant County. “In eastern Oregon, with the cooperation of the County Roads Department, we chose to hold a ‘drive-up’ exam session on Saturday, December 12. Under the circumstances, we used four ARRL VEs for the exam instead of the required three.” Wheeler County ARES loaned Stuart Bottom, K7FG, to help as the third required Amateur Extra-class Volunteer Examiner.


Fletcher reports three new Technician licensees and two new General-class radio amateurs resulted from the session.  Read More




「多くのアマチュアラジオクラブは、インターネットを介して試験を実験しました」と、グラント郡のARES緊急コーディネーターであるK7AAのスティーブ・フレッチャーは言いました。「オレゴン州東部では、郡道路局の協力を受けて、12月12日(土)に『ドライブアップ』試験を行うことを選びました。この状況下で、必要な3つではなく、4つのARRL VIを試験に使用しました。ウィーラー郡ARESは、3番目に必要なアマチュアエクストラクラスボランティア審査官として支援するために、スチュアートボトム、K7FGを貸し出しました。




FCC to Require Email Addresses on Applications

FCC がアプリケーションに電子メール アドレスを要求

ARRL 12/02/2020


Amateur radio licensees and candidates will have to provide the FCC with an email address on applications, effective sometime in mid-2021. If no email address is included, the FCC may dismiss the application as defective.

The FCC is fully transitioning to electronic correspondence and will no longer print or provide wireless licensees with hard-copy authorizations or registrations by mail.

A Report and Order (R&O) on “Completing the Transition to Electronic Filing, Licenses and Authorizations, and Correspondence in the Wireless Radio Services” in WT Docket 19-212 was adopted on September 16. The new rules will go into effect 6 months after publication in the Federal Register, which hasn’t happened yet, but the FCC is already strongly encouraging applicants to provide an email address. When an email address is provided, licensees will receive an official electronic copy of their licenses when the application is granted. Read More

アマチュア無線ライセンシーと候補者は、2021年半ばに有効なアプリケーションに関する電子メールアドレスをFCCに提供する必要があります。電子メール アドレスが含まれていない場合、FCC はアプリケーションを欠陥として却下する可能性があります。

FCCは完全に電子通信に移行しており、ワイヤレスライセンシはハードコピーの許可または登録を郵送で印刷または提供しなくなります。 WT Docket 19-212の「ワイヤレス無線サービスにおける電子申告、ライセンスおよび認可、および通信への移行の完了」に関する報告書およびOrder(R&O)が9月16日に採択されました。

新しい規則は、まだ起こっていない連邦登録簿に掲載されてから6ヶ月後に発効しますが、FCCはすでに応募者に電子メールアドレスの提供を強く奨励しています。電子メール アドレスが提供されると、ライセンス供与が許可されると、ライセンスの公式電子コピーがライセンスに送信されます。(抜粋)  




Dayton Hamvention Announces its 2021 Theme ? “The Gathering”

2021年のテーマを発表  「ザ・ギャザリング」

ARRL 11/23/2020 
“The Gathering” will be the theme for the 2021 Dayton Hamvention®. Hamvention General Chair Rick Allnutt, WS8G, said the theme reflects what has been missing from our lives most of this year.
“We have spent the last 6 months being bound to our houses and small groups,” he said. “We are very optimistic that when May arrives, we will be allowed to get together.”
Allnut, a medical doctor with a master’s degree in public health, said Hamvention management is closely following the coronavirus situation and believes it will improve enough by May that government restrictions on travel and large groups will be relaxed. The Hamvention team will continue to follow developments.
“We hope we will all be able to get together, talk about ham radio, and share the interaction we have missed,” Allnutt said. “The Gathering” theme acknowledges the role that Hamvention plays in amateur radio.
Hamvention 2021 will be held May 21 – 23 at the Greene County Fairgrounds and Expo Center in Xenia, Ohio.




ハンベンションチームは引き続き準備を進めます。 「私たちは皆、集まり、ハムラジオについて話し合い、私たちが逃したやり取りを分かち合うことができることを願っています」と言いました。「ザ・ギャザリング」のテーマは、アマチュアラジオでハムベンションが果たす役割を認めています。 



Oldest Known US Radio Amateur, Cliff Kayhart,  W4KKP, SK at 109 

≪米国のラジオアマチュア, クリフ・ケイハート, W4KKP, 109歳でSK ≫

ARRL NEWS 10/29/2020
Charles Clifford “Cliff” Kayhart, W4KKP, of White Rock, South Carolina, died on October 26, a few days past his 109th birthday. An ARRL member, he was the oldest known US radio amateur and possibly the oldest ham in the world.



W4KKP Cliff Kayhart

ARRL opposes new $50 licence fee

≪ARRLは新しい$50ライセンス料に反対します ≫

rsgb | November 6, 2020

US amateurs have been exempted from application fees for several years. The ARRL will file comments in firm opposition to an FCC proposal to impose a $50 fee on amateur radio licence and application fees. Under the proposal, amateur radio licensees would pay a $50 fee for each amateur radio application. This would apply for new licenses, licence renewals, upgrades to existing licences, and to vanity call sign requests. The ARRL is encouraging members to file comments that stress amateur radio’s contributions to the United States and its communities. For more information, see this article on the ARRL website.

米国のアマチュアは数年前から申請料を免除されています。 ARRLは、アマチュア無線ライセンスと申請料に50ドルの手数料を課すFCCの提案に対して断固としてコメントを提出します。 提案の下で、アマチュア無線ライセンシーはアマチュア無線アプリケーションごとに50ドルの手数料を支払うだろう。 これは、新しいライセンス、ライセンスの更新、既存のライセンスへのアップグレード、およびバニティコールサイン要求に適用されます。 ARRLは、アマチュアラジオの米国とそのコミュニティへの貢献を強調するコメントを提出するようメンバーに奨励しています。 詳細については、ARRL の Web サイトのこちらの記事を参照してください。



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QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo 

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EME SSTV Party Could Become an Annual Event 

≪EME SSTVパーティーは毎年恒例のイベントになる可能性があります ≫


ARRL 07/16/2020
Many stations are reported to have made Earth-moon-Earth (EME) SSTV transmissions on last year’s 50th anniversary celebration of the moon landing.

“We could only do it on the exact date 50 years later, and EME conditions were not very good last year,” said Jan van Muijlwijk, PA3FXB, of the PI9CAM team at Dwingeloo Astronomic Observatory. “[W]e saw many stations joining the SSTV party, and we were surprised to see what is possible even with small dishes. Because of that, we would like to try to make it an annual EME SSTV party.

” A lunar landing EME SSTV party is set for July 26. “Moon conditions will be better than last year,” van Muijlwijk said. “The moon is not very high in the northern hemisphere but much closer than last year, so we expect stronger signals and better images. The PI9CAM team will transmit several lunar landing and space-related images on 1296.110 MHz using Martin 2 mode.


「我々は50年後の正確な日にのみそれを行うことができ、EMEの条件は昨年あまり良くなかった」と、言いましたドウィンゲルー天文台のPI9CAMチームのヤン・ファン・ミュイルウェイク(PA3FXB)。 「[W]eはSSTVパーティーに参加する多くの局を見て、私たちは小さな料理でも何が可能かを見て驚きました。そのため、毎年恒例のEME SSTVパーティーにしたいと考えています」

月面着陸EME SSTVパーティーは7月26日に設定されています。「月の状態は昨年よりも良くなるでしょう」とファン・ムイヤルウェイクは言いました。「月は北半球ではあまり高くはないが、昨年よりずっと近いので、我々はより強い信号とより良い画像を期待しています。PI9CAMチームは、Martin 2モードを使用して1296.110 MHzでいくつかの月面着陸と宇宙関連の画像を送信します。

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